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Group Fight exercise class

GROUP FIGHT® is a fast-paced total-body strength and coordination workout, combining adrenaline-fueled boxing and MMA movements with cutting edge exercises and thrilling music.

Group Fight Get Strong exercise class

What is Group Fight?

Group Fight® is a gripping hour that builds cardio fitness, total-body strength, and coordination. Combine the hottest, adrenaline-fueled MMA movements from the boxing ring to the fighting cage with cutting-edge exercises from outside the octagon. Thrilling music and motivational coaching will get you fighting fit. 

Is Group Fight fitness class right for me?

Group Fight is for anyone wanting a challenging, athletic, and motivating workout in a realistic time frame. Group Fight would be ideal for:

  • New exercisers, because the workout is a blast and you have the ability to adjust the level of intensity to suit yourself
  • Anyone wanting to add variety to his or her training and improve timing, precision, and focus
  • Women that want great shoulder and arm definition while punching and kicking the stress out of their lives
  • Men that want to get a great cardiovascular workout while getting as far away from “aerobics” as possible

How often can I do this fitness class?

Group Fight is a cardiovascular workout, so you can do it once a week in conjunction with other workouts or you can do it most every day as your primary exercise routine. A beginner to exercise would not want to do too much too soon, but as fitness levels and the ability to recover improve, workout volume and intensity can increase. How you feel is the best gauge of your body’s recovery needs between workouts.

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